There is a reason why out of all the real estate offices in the city, I choose to work out of one located in West Queen West. Talk about an amazing neighbourhood! Sure I’m biased a bit but West Queen West really does have it all. It’s home to some of the best galleries, coolest shops, delicious eats and one hell of a gorgeous park! And the real estate! West Queen West real estate is something pretty incredible too.

Most of us have always known that the West Queen West neighbourhood is cool and hip and incredibly artsy. But now the whole world knows about West Queen West thanks to a recent Vogue article that identifies the West Queen West neighbourhood as the second coolest neighbourhood in the world. Wow, right? Vogue wrtiter Nick Remsen describes the neighbourhood as “a verifiable artery of indie patisseries, homegrown labels, and hidden-from-view galleries—hallmarks of hipness, if ever they existed.”

The Real Estate Scoop

If you are thinking about making West Queen West your new home, than you should know that West Queen West real estate is really unique (just like its people), and there’s a bit of something for everyone. Dreaming of a West Queen West hard loft conversion? Lots of those. Into bright and modern West Queen West condos? You got it. Want a detached Victorian? Plentiful. West Queen West real estate has it all.

With coolness and proximity to the city and a Vogue article that tells the world how awesome it is comes a price tag though. Houses here a’int cheap. But don’t let that discourage you as there really is something for every buyer’s budget.

The Neighbourhood

The shops and restaurants are so amazing in West Queen West that people from other neighbourhoods travel here in droves to get a piece of it themselves in the evenings and weekends. How awesome is it that you can leave your car parked at home and enjoy the fact that all of this goodness is within walking distance?

Love poutine? The best place in Toronto may just be Poutinis where they offer a poutine menu that you won’t soon be able to forget. Looking for the perfect date night? The Drake Hotel and Gladstone Hotel rival each other for positively amazing ambiance. Need some serenity from the hustle and bustle of downtown? Trinity Bellwoods park is possibly the nicest green space in all of Toronto.

West Queen West reflects the young demographic of the neighbourhood. Whatever it is that you love – fashion boutiques, interior design, furniture shops, free trade coffee, antique stores or a vast array of restaurants – you’ll find it here in a place that truly reflects Toronto’s multicultural diversity.

The Neighbourhood in Video