I used to live in Leslieville, so I know it well. Although some refer to it as Hipsterville East, I prefer to just say that this close-knit neighbourhood is welcoming of everyone, no matter what they’re into. Leslieville is all about care and compassion, and truly has the feel of an old school, classic neighbourhood.

It’s also on a pretty strong gentrification run right now. While it used to be known as a rough, working-class area in the 60s, it’s now home to more and more urban professionals and young families, making it into sort of a trendy urban playground of sorts. But everyone feels at home here. No matter what you’re into, Leslieville delivers every time.

The Real Estate Scoop

If you thinking about making Leslieville your new home, than you should know that Leslieville real estate is really eclectic, and there’s a bit of something for everyone. Like unique Leslieville condos? No problem. Into repurposed Leslieville loft spaces? You got it. Want a detached Victorian? Leslieville real estate has got you covered.

While it used to be a less expensive alternative to other Toronto neighbourhoods, it isn’t so much anymore, depending what you’re into of course. That detached Victorian for example will likely go for North of a million, but don’t let that discourage you. There’s still some hidden gems to be found here to fit anyone’s budget.

The Neighbourhood

Looking for a night out? Leslieville easily has you covered. There’s lots of choice with trendy restaurants, hip bars, and downscale pubs all within walking distance of your home.

Looking for a place to go for brunch on a Sunday morning? You’re in the right place. Brunch in Leslieville is almost a religion. And if that’s true, then Eggs Benedict is the sermon. To try some of the best that Leslieville has to offer, you’ll want to check out Joy Bistro, Lady Marmalade, Edward Levesque’s Kitchen, and Prohibition.

Looking for something a little close to the source? You should check out the Leslieville Farmer’s Market. It easily stacks up with the city’s best markets offering fresh fruits and vegetables, baked goods, and grass-fed meat. It’s sort of a local tradition in the neighbourhood. And pssst…Leslieville is home to the best ice cream shop in the entire city. Go to Ed’s Scoop and let me know if you love the Maple Bacon Crunch or S’more flavours as much as me.

The Neighbourhood in Photos