When you’ve made the big decision that you’re ready to sell you property, you’re going to have questions about the steps to selling a house. Relax. That’s completely normal. Selling real estate in Toronto is a really big deal! It’s a big, complicated job with a lot of things to consider. When it comes to the real estate selling process, we’re always there to help our clients make sure they get the absolute best results possible. But you may have other, more general questions about the process and about what to expect.

Here are some of the typical real estate questions we get asked when it comes to what the best steps to selling a house (or condo or loft) are:

A-The typical cost to sell your property in Toronto through a Realtor is 5% of the purchase price, paid upon closing. To understand the breakdown for that 5%, read this: How much does a Realtor cost?.

A – You could. There are some people who try it by themselves. Selling real estate on your own is always an option, but just like any DIY project, you might find that it ends up costing you more money and more time than you thought. There’s also some potentially scary legal complications of going through the real estate selling process on your own.

A – As far as we know Karyn is the only long term, former television producer turned real estate agent in Toronto using her professional portfolio to make movies about your home that sell the lifestyle of the home. She uses professional photography, storyboards, actors, highly specialized edit suites, etc. Go click on the last real estate video you saw and tell us it wasn’t just some cheesy music played to a slideshow of some pictures? Check out some of our lifestyle films right here.

A – It costs me a lot, but it doesn’t cost you anything; it’s included in our commission structure and an additional piece of our marketing (with some minor conditions depending on the price range of your property).

A – Each strategy has its advantages and its disadvantages, depending on your unique situation. Contact us and together, we’ll put together a strategic plan that works best for you.

A – Are real estate agents still doing that? That’s so old school. We are very referral based, and very much more online than offline. Welcome to where sellers and buyers are these days!

A – Us? Maybe…or maybe not. If it’s not us right now we have some lovely and incredible agents who know your market well and we would be happy to refer them to you.

A – A CMA (or Comparative Market Analysis) is a comprehensive report we provide to our clients who are thinking about selling real estate in Toronto, which details the recent area market activity using the most up to date statistics.

A – Comparative Market Analysis is a comprehensive report we provide to clients who are thinking about selling, detailing the recent area market activity using the most up to date statistics. It provides the basis for an accurate suggested listing price designed to sell your home for the best price the market will bear.

A – Anywhere from $5000-$15000 for the typical property. But it’s very dependant on what your home already has. Do you need to stage your home? No. Is it worth it to have a professional fix your house up into a way that will make you thousands and thousands more? Your call. We can discuss further. We typically include some level of staging in our offerings. Ask us about that.

A – There are really too many to count. Staged properties show better, so they get more views on MLS, more showings, and higher offers.

A – For most of the past decade we’ve been in a sellers’ market, which means that the number of qualified buyers exceeds the available inventory of homes for sale! Since mid 2022 the tables have shifted to a buyer’s and balanced market though. There are many other factors such as seasonality, availability comparable homes for sale, new by-laws and even weather, that can come into play. We’ll evaluate the best time to sell your home and present you with all your options so you can make an informed decision on when to sell.

A – Holding an offer date is a strategy that works for some properties, but with others it doesn’t. We’ll discuss this as part of the real estate selling process together when we meet.

A – 1 zillion dollars! Ok, not a zillion dollars, but that’s as close an answer we can give you without seeing your property and taking everything into consideration. If you want to know how much your place will sell for, give us a call, and we’ll chat about about getting in to see it.

A – This is a very common question – unfortunately, the market isn’t based on what you want to net for your home, it’s based on what buyers will pay for it! Pricing high puts you at a definite disadvantage. Those who can’t afford to go that high won’t even see your home on the MLS; overpriced homes attract significantly less interest, and the longer they stay on the market, the worse the stigma. After reducing your price to fair market value, prospective buyers may now think you are desperate to sell and low-ball an offer significantly lower than what you want to net! All things considered, correct pricing is key to the sale of your home.

A – Yes. And No. Though the documents may be standard when selling real estate in Toronto, your lawyer will need to search title for the property to ensure it is free from encumbrances, and other legal stuff. If you don’t have a real estate lawyer, we can recommend one to you. Don’t freak out. This is not all law and order-ish.