So, you’re thinking about buying or selling real estate in Toronto, and now you’re faced with choosing a real estate agent. Karyn and Daniel can absolutely appreciate that this is not always an easy decision to have to make. It seems like everyone nowadays is a real estate agent, or their uncle’s friend’s sister’s neighbour is.

But you may not want to just go on that loose of a recommendation for what is typically the biggest purchase of your life. As you work with them, you’re going to need guidance through the steps to buying a home and you’re probably going to have questions about the real estate buying and selling process. So with all those questions and all of that at stake, you may want to actually pick someone that you know you’ll get along with, that you know will be patient with you, that has experience and knowledge in the areas you are buying or selling in and that you know is focused on being real with you each step of the way.

The real estate partnership that Karyn and Daniel have created is built on patience, trust, openness and offering you the most industry knowledge, marketing and negating skills possible. Karyn is an elite-level marketing expert in the industry and master-certified negotiation expert. Daniel offers valuable construction and renovation knowledge than only a former professional can offer. Karyn is the resident east-end and downtown core neighbourhood expert while Daniel trades the west end and North York areas with great understanding. Together they also support different seller and buyer personalities, tastes and needs.

Whether you’re a first time home buyer or you’ve been through the real estate buying and selling process a bunch of times, they want to be there for you: to make it easier, to make it realer, and to make the process more enjoyable than it would be with those other agents, no matter how nice you uncle’s friend’s sister’s neighbour is.

Think about it. Buying or selling real estate in Toronto is an amazing adventure right now, but it shouldn’t feel like a skydiving-type of adventure where you feel like you’re not in control. Your Realtor’s job is to keep you grounded and provide guidance in this adventure that you’re on together.

Helping people find homes they love in the neighbourhoods that they love for them is the most rewarding part of my job. Presenting a home for sale in a way that make clients say “WOW” is what they find most rewarding about this job. And keeping people happy as they go through the process, buying or selling, is a core part of their goals.

Daniel and Karyn strive to help Torontonians upsize whilst still staying in Toronto but if you call upon us for something slightly different from that, we’ll take you on too. So, whether you’re loving Leslieville real estate, dreaming about High Park real estate, or you’re somewhere in the middle, when you’re choosing a real estate agent to work with, don’t pick just anyone; pick an agent with the patience to help you find a home unique enough for you, and the creativity to sell the one you’re moving from and treat it as more than just another MLS listing. Pick Daniel and Karyn.

You should really know…

We really like:

That balance between city and cottage life, time spent with our respective children, the dog park with our dogs and a really good chef-cooked meal.
The style of real estate we love is:

Karyn (Century homes with original charm still intact, hard loft conversions) Daniel (Multi-family residential, Victorians, a good “project” in a tired fixer-upper)
Before Our Real Estate Careers We Were

Karyn was a Discovery Channel producer and advertising sales executive stationed out of Abu Dhabi and Dubai in the UAE. Daniel, meanwhile, spent five years in the culinary world working at 5-star restaurants and cooking for movie stars and diplomats in North American, Asia and Australia before next running a 15+million dollar boutique Toronto construction company.
Our clients know us for our skills in:

with Karyn, killer marketing, hands-on approach and fierce negotiation skills. With Daniel, unparalleled knowledge of construction, no BS-sales attitude and a contact for virtually everything.
Our favourite Toronto neighbourhoods are:

 Karyn (Leslieville, Riverdale, Trinity Bellwoods, St Lawrence Market and King West) Daniel (Wychwood, Ossignton Village, Mimico and Leslieville)

Looking For a Real Estate Agent?

Here’s What Buyers and Sellers Have To Say About Working With Karyn And Daniel.

“Daniel was a great and easy person to work with. He was patient, honest and diligent. He listened to all of our asks and delivered results very quickly. Highly recommend using him as your realtor.”