Formerly an independent municipality from 1911 to 1967, Mimico is the name of a splendid Greater Toronto Area community that can be found in the south-east corner of Etobicoke. I love it. For that matter, so should you. I mean, don’t forget, it was as recent as 2012 that Mimico notched first place on Toronto Life’s “Where to Buy Now” list of Toronto neighbourhoods. The magazine cited it as one lakefront revitalization that’s actually on schedule — at least at the time, although not much has changed. What’s more, it should come as little surprise that Mimico has remained at or near the top of countless like-minded ranking lists in the years since.

The Real Estate Scoop

These days, my fair Mimico can be fundamentally categorized as a residential zone, though there are a pair of commercial strips. One goes along Royal York Road, while the other runs parallel to Lake Shore Boulevard West and the shoreline itself. Regarding Mimico’s homes, they architecturally span everything from grand lakeside estates to bungalows constructed from the 1920s to 1940s, in addition to low-rise apartment buildings that went up anywhere between the 1950s and 1960s. There is also an expansive area of high-rise condominium development just east of historic Mimico. And as far as local schools go, you have the choice between David Hornell Junior School and George R Gauld Junior School, plus John English Junior Middle School.

The Neighbourhood

Famed for its it’s outstanding recreational facilities — like the Mimico Tennis Club, the Mimico Cruising Club and the Etobicoke Yacht Club — and scenic lakefront parks, Mimico also lays claim to the not-for-profit Lakeshore Arts, an entity which bolsters local culture through a mix of community programming, outdoor film festivals, art shows and photography workshops for teens.

Lakeshore Arts has even partnered with the neighbourhood BIA, area developers and city to create Mimico Square, located in Amos Waites Park at Mimico Avenue and Lake Shore Boulevard West. It’s home to many community events throughout the year. Mimico Square has since accordingly served a fitting addition to a place where residents are known to revel in community spirit every chance they get, whether it’s at the Etobicoke-Lakeshore Christmas Parade or annual Lakeshore Community Festival. There is also a yearly Mimico Festival held at the end of summer, which is itself followed by a kite flying contest that unfolds the very next day at Humber Bay Park.

The Neighbourhood in Photos