Cabbagetown is an awesome area to get out and explore in Toronto. It’s really close to where I live (in Riverdale) so I’ve spent a lot of time exploring it both personally and professionally with clients.

The Real Estate Scoop

If you thinking about making Cabbagetown your new home, than you should know that Cabbagetown real estate is home to some of the most impressive downtown Toronto real estate around. The neighbourhood’s beautifully restored, turn-of-the-century Victorian homes make up the largest area of preserved late-Victorian homes in North America. Yup. All of North America. Impressive right? Even though Cabbagetown real estate is a bit on the pricey side, it’s still worth checking out this awesome area even if you’re not in the market right now.

The Neighbourhood

Cabbagetown used to be one Toronto’s poorest neighbourhoods back-in-the-day, but now Cabbagetown real estate and the neighbourhood is some of the most sought after in the city; quite the transition over the years! And it’s no question why really.

First off, it’s location is awesome. It’s so close to downtown Toronto that it actually is in downtown Toronto! And if you haven’t been for a walk up Parliament in years, you probably wouldn’t even recognize it anymore. Cabbagetown won’t disappoint you. The stretch of Parliament that goes through the heart of Cabbagetown has changed completely in the last couple of years.

Looking for the latest neighbourhood gossip? Chances are you’ll get that at Jet Fuel; a neighbourhood coffee shop where the regulars know more about the neighbourhood than anyone else.

Looking for a sense of community? You should check out the annual Cabbagetown Festival of the arts, showcasing some of the best artists, entertainers, and shops that Cabbagetown has to offer.

Looking for something a little close to the source? In nearby Riverdale Park, you should check out the Riverdale Farmer’s Market. It easily stacks up with the city’s best markets offering fresh, local, and organic fruits and vegetables, award winning honey, and even wine tastings. That isn’t close enough to the source for you? Check out the Riverdale Farm. It’s a 19-century, full-functional farm with something for the whole family. Kids LOVE it and so do parents. And it’s free for everyone.

The Neighbourhood in Photos