Karyn is a real estate Game Changer/Godsend and there is no better way to say it. She is 100% the reason I experienced the incredible success with my condo sale. I had been on the fence about selling for roughly 5 years before making the decision to do so. I had quit my job and had moved back to my hometown, Montreal, which had allowed me to rent my condo out at a pretty decent price. Karyn kept in touch with me during that time the way most agents will do, helping me to understand the market, the opportunities, etc. But during this time, Karyn also got to know me as a human being and fellow sister working for a living. She knew what I wanted, what I needed, what I cared about, where I was at in my life, and she factored in all of this when considering my options. Karyn was able to time things perfectly because she stayed connected. She knew when to move and how to move in an uncertain market to hit every beat of the process and position us to win. She had ideas and solutions for everything and had the relationships with her team and the people around her to move mountains. I quite literally did nothing in this whole process except make the call to Karyn. And I never once had to visit Toronto to make all of this happen. I’m not sure I will ever experience this kind of service or success again in my lifetime. So thank you, Karyn. This was all you and I’m forever grateful. You’re a keeper.